Funked-Up Baby!
My web search for "funk up baby" gave no real results.  Apparently too many people see babies in swirls of soft pastel.  But Anna should be different, she should be a funky kid.  I guess that so many people have kids that would use the letter "c" not "n"...  So here is my collection of links, places that I've found through much searching:

back from bali, we love these colors and patterns!

Hanna Andersson, with extremely well-made sets, lovely if expensive

slippers from Robeez very tough (not impossible) for the kid to pull off

zutano has a great line

We've been happy with stuff from weeRock such as the "M is for Metal" t-shirt

We like Glamajama for their sparkly "Rock Star" clothes

we love the clothes from Oilily even though they are EXPENSIVE

her kimonos from Lucky Wang

Goo-goo Wear has baby clothes in all black, for the little hipster/metal/goth kid

Or I usually have good luck at H&M their 125th Street store is convenient and has a great selection.



Another NYC resource is gocitykids