NYC Fun:

In NYC, we have been enjoying the cultural offerings. Lots of great concerts! We've seen:

We've also hit the somewhat-higher-culture of theatre, from "Death of a Salesman" and "Not About Nightingales" (Salesman didn't impress me much; NAN was much better) as well as "Copenhagen" (great show about physics and the Bomb!) and "Proof" (about a mathematician with a certain similarity to Nash) on Broadway, to smaller shows such as "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" (not only is it a great show, but the music rocks, and who can complain about so much cross-dressing!), "bash" (a creepy but good series of 3 short plays, directed by Neil Labue, with that actress -- what's her name? -- who's preternaturally skinny and plays a lawyer on TV), Blue Man Group (twice), De La Guarda Villa Villa, "James Joyce's The Dead," Brecht's "King Edward," The Tiny Ninja Theatre's "Macbeth" {yes, really -- done with tiny plastic ninja characters on a 1-foot-square stage. You have to see it to believe it!}, Edward Albee's "Tiny Alice," "Cider House Rules, Part 1," and the first version of "Ride Down Mt Morgan" at the New Theater. {The last two partly because they starred actors from the StarTrek series, so Donna wanted to see Colm Meaney and Patrick Stewart -- we even went to hear Stewart talking at the Guggenheim about the play before the bigger version. He's shorter than the cardboard cut-out that we have in our living room.}

We've since seen Patrick Stewart again, in his one-man show of "A Christmas Carol [4th row center], in a busy theater season inclucing the Crucible (a bit high-school civics class-y), "...and God Created Great Whales," an innovative (i.e. strange) opera about a composer losing his memory and his muse [that K liked a lot but left D cold]. We also saw Metamorphoses (before it went on Broadway), which K also liked but D not so much.

Even post-baby, we saw "Life (x3)" that starred "Data" from Star Trek:TNG, as well Helen Hunt & John Turturro. 1 1