Anna Madeleine Jarvis Foster
August 18, 2002

Blog or running commentary by her parents
Anna's 5th Birthday Invitation
Anna's 4th Birthday Invitation to family
Anna's 4th Birthday Invitation to her school friends
Anna's 3rd Birthday Invitation
Some links to baby clothes, that I've collected, because I don't want my kid to look like everyone else

Invitation to Anna's first birthday party
A poem to Anna's teachers, that Donna composed
Foods Anna's eating (up until her first birthday; by 13 months she was eating spicy Ethiopian food)
The story of Anna's birth (D&K versions!)
What do babies dream about? (by Kevin)
Donna's thoughts on the pregnancy
New photos (finally!). I'll be uploading the old ones eventually, both so that my family and friends can view them as well as to archive them against my computer crashing in flames.
Here's a lovely sketch of Anna, done by a local artist, Chris O'Herron at Almost Home Studio. &