Donna R. Jarvis

I was an undergraduate at The University of Connecticut where I majored in actuarial science.
I began my career as an actuary at Hartford Life Insurance Company in Simsbury, CT, where I worked for 6 years. I then worked at AXA Corporate Solutions for almost 5 years before returning to Hartford Life again in July 2003.
In my spare time (of which there is precious little, particularly since Anna was born), I like to practice yoga, watch Star Trek and spend time with Anna and Kevin. I haven't skated in a long time, which is a shame since there are several rinks within 30 minutes of our home. Traveling has also become somewhat different since Anna has joined us. No European trips for a while!
Originally when I began taking yoga classes, I thought yoga was a lot of touchy-feely hooey, but with the right type of yoga it can be exceptionally difficult! I practice Vinyasa, which is a type of Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga is a physically demanding style of yoga, incorporating a series of bold movements in which one posture flows into the next in quick sequence. The purpose of Ashtanga is to increase strength, stamina and flexibility. Check out these poses & see for yourself!!!

As far as figure skating is concerned, I began as an adult with lessons at the ice rink at UConn while I was a student. I have been taking group and private lessons ever since. Yes, I can do some jumps (waltz, toe loop, loop, salchow, half flip, half lutz) and spins (my favorite is the sit spin). I even went to Lake Placid for a week during the summer of 2001 to "Adult Figure Skating Camp". It was great, and it made me want to do more. I finally tested for the first level of moves in the field (Pre-Preliminary) and freestyle (Adult Pre-Bronze) and I am happy to say that I passed both on December 12, 2001.
As far as Star Trek is concerned, yes, I am a Trekkie! And not just any kind of Trekkie, (although I do put up with the crap both Enterprise & Voyager bring me just so I can stay involved in the Star Trek universe!) but specifically a Deep Space Nine fan!
And I'm a metalhead! Some of my favorite bands include Alice in Chains, Tool, and KORN. But my favorite band of all is METALLICA(though their last CD did little to interest me.)
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